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Wine Tasting Wonderland: Discovering Sonoma County Hidden Gems
September 01, 2023
Sonoma Vineyard

When it comes to wine tasting, Sonoma County is a trove of concealed treasures waiting to be explored, and what better time to discover them than during California’s 19th Wine Month in September 2023? Beyond the well-known vineyards, there are establishments that offer distinctive experiences and exceptional wines. In this adventure through Sonoma County, we will unveil some of these concealed treasures that should be on every wine enthusiast’s radar.

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DRNK Vineyard: Where Creativity and Excellence Meet 


DRNK Vineyard, a delightful family-owned establishment, is a testament to the passion and originality of its creators. Ryan Kunde, a vintner, along with his spouse Katie, and her parents Dale and Nancy Dougherty, established DRNK Vineyard in 2012.  What distinguishes DRNK Vineyard is its dedication to showcasing the agricultural diversity of Sonoma County. Their beverages are crafted in small batches sourced from various vineyards across the area. Whether you’re savoring a youthful, lively beverage or one that ages gracefully, each bottle narrates a unique tale.  It’s a must-visit for alcohol enthusiasts seeking a deeper understanding of the beverage crafting process. In collaboration with DRNK Vineyard, Dawn Ranch, a co-creative luxury hotel in Sonoma, hosts wine-tasting events where guests can get an insight into the art and science behind DRNK’s winemaking philosophy. 


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Schug Carneros Estate Winery: A Tradition of Pinot Noir 


Schug Carneros Estate Winery boasts a wealthy winemaking heritage that spans generations. Walter Schug, the patriarch, established the winery after a successful career at Joseph Phelps, where he was the founding winemaker. The Schug family’s origins in winemaking trace back to a Pinot Noir estate in Germany’s Rheingau region, initially planted in the 12th century. Today, Schug Carneros Estate Winery is celebrating its 40th anniversary, with Johannes Scheid, a dynamic young winemaker, infusing contemporary elements into the estate’s European-styled wines. The family’s dedication to preserving their winemaking legacy is evident in every bottle. 


Three Sticks Wines: Where History Meets Modern Sophistication 


The 1842 Vallejo Casteñada Adobe is the welcoming home of Three Sticks Wines. Located in downtown Sonoma, this historic Adobe is a testament to California’s wealthy heritage. Renowned designer Ken Fulk has seamlessly blended history with contemporary sophistication in this space. Three Sticks Wines owns, farms, and produces every grape and drop of wine from their vineyards. This autonomy allows them to proactively adapt to their dynamic environment, resulting in wines that reflect their dedication to quality. 

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G&C Lurton: A French Touch in Sonoma 


Claire and Gonzague Lurton, originating from the renowned beverage crafting region of Bordeaux, brought their beverage crafting expertise to Sonoma County in 2012. Their journey led them to the Chalk Hill area, a distinctive terroir where Bordeaux grape varieties flourish in the Californian microclimate. The Lurtons manage their vineyard using natural farming methods, emphasizing the significance of vibrant soils. Their commitment to agroecology and sustainable practices resonates with the Sonoma County ethos. For more than just a short vineyard tour, consider Dawn Ranch, a luxury hotel in Sonoma that offers co-creative experiences. This Guerneville hotel hosts wine-tasting events amidst stunning venues featuring amazing local wines from G&C Lurton, making it an ideal location for an extended stay.


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Pedroncelli Winery: Sustainably Crafted Wines 


Pedroncelli Winery, a family-owned establishment since 1927, is dedicated to preserving the environment for future generations. Their vineyards are certified sustainable, and they’ve implemented various eco-friendly practices, including reduced water usage and habitat management. Located in Dry Creek Valley, Pedroncelli Winery benefits from a climate where the development of ripening grapes is protected from excessive heat by the evening marine fog. This unique microclimate contributes to the exceptional quality of their wines.


Sonoma County’s wine area is beyond merely wine sampling; it’s a voyage through history, tradition, and advancement. These concealed treasures provide a peek into the enthusiasm and commitment of winemakers who have chosen Sonoma County as their residence. Whether you’re an experienced wine expert or an inquisitive beginner, Sonoma County’s wine wonderland has something to provide for all. Additionally, luxury hotels in Sonoma such as Dawn Ranch, offer you experiences focusing on life’s simple pleasures like enjoying a glass of Sonoma County’s wine heritage beside a cozy bonfire. So, lift your glass and set off on a sampling escapade through this scenic wine region during Wine Month 2023. Cheers to uncovering the concealed treasures of Sonoma County!