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A stay with us is as much about enjoying the property as it is venturing outside of it. Discover experiences that will rejuvenate your creativity during your stay and long after.

Meditate in the Garden

Join us for a mindful meditation group in the beauty of our Kitchen Garden. Meditators and yogis of all levels and traditions are welcome, and each session is adapted accordingly. The participation of beginners is especially valued. Social distancing is mindfully observed. (When raining, meditations will be held at The Boathouse)

Create your own Luxuries

At Dawn Ranch, we want to enable you to author your stay, whatever that might mean to you. Whether you'd like a private guided hike through the redwoods or down the river line, a beachside picnic on the Pacific in Jenner, or even a kayak to explore the river, we're here to accommodate your every request.

Woman taking photograph on river
Wander through Town

Historic Guerneville began as a logging community in the late 1800s and is now a vibrant community of restaurants, markets, and cafés with relaxed attitudes. Wander through town to some of our favorite spots from Big Bottom Market to Johnson's Beach.

Venture into the Russian River

By canoe, kayak, or inner tube, explore the winding Russian River. Lined with redwoods, Douglas firs, and tanoaks, the river's bends and curves are home to a wide array of ecosystems and microclimates.

Indulge in a Coastal Picnic

Our culinary team at Dawn Ranch crafts prepackaged delights for you to take wherever you may want. At the Coast of the Pacific, the beach is perfectly suited for al fresco dining. Bring a suggested wine pairing from the region and eat at the world's edge.

Guerneville, California

At a bend on the Russian River rests the peaceful town of Guerneville. While oft overlooked, its quietly become a culinary estuary in the North of California, elevated by access to fresh, abundant ingredients.

Big Bottom Market
El Barrio

The Russian River Valley

Home to colossal redwoods and the snaking Russian River, this diverse ecosystem provides opportunities to refresh and rejuvenate amidst nature.


Cool coastal fogs create a microclimate in the Russian River Valley that yields some of California's finest wines. Guerneville is home to more than 50 wineries within a 20-minute drive. Ask our team to suggest their favorites and plan your day exploring the vintages that make this terroir so special.


Enjoy some of the best birdwatching in and around Guerneville with thousands of species of winged creatures, from high-pitched pygmy owls to rudy-crowned kinglets, and red-shouldered hawks to chattering goldfinches.


Explore the winding Russian River through to the Pacific Ocean. Lined with redwoods, Douglas firs, and tanoaks, the river's bends and curves are home to a wide array of ecosystems and microclimates.

The Spa

Our wellness center balances our guests physical, mental, and emotional states amidst three treatment rooms, a steam room, a sauna, and redwood hot tubs. Using natural environments whenever possible, our programming restores and reinvigorates, strengthens and revitalizes, here and wherever you might be headed.


The Garden

An abundant cornucopia of flowers and vegetables, The Garden is home to private dining experiences. Guests can also enjoy the sights, smells, and tastes of the property.


The Lodge

Hosting our reception and fine-dining experience, The Lodge balances the traditional camping aesthetic of Northern California with modern furnishings to challenge and stoke guests' creativity. Serving throughout the day, The Lodge's menu leverages local ingredients and the inspired menu of Fernando Trocca to deliver a memorable experience.


The meadow

A beautiful rolling pasture with banks of lavender running along Fife's creek, The Meadow is flanked at each end by towering redwoods.


The Orchard

Lined with apple trees, our orchard provides guests with fertile ground for celebration. Dine al fresco between ancient arbors or dance deep into the night under the stars.


The River

The winding Russian River is home to an abundant microclimate that yields some of the best vegetables, produce, and wines in the country. Dawn Ranch sits at a bend in the river with our own beach – from which you may explore east into wine country or west towards the Pacific.


The grove

Across River Road is a collection of accommodations within an arbor we call the Grove. In this secluded, yet accessible enclave, guests can enjoy the full extent of the Dawn Ranch property.


The boathouse

Overlooking a bend in the river, The Boathouse is a place for special events, a launch point for river activities, or simply enjoying the present company of friends and family.