Guernville California

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Guerneville, CA 95446


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The chalets at Dawn Ranch occupy a special place, being some of the most historic lodgings on our 22-acre property. Whether perched above the picturesque meadow, nestled among the ancient redwoods, or adjacent to the sycamore grove, each chalet offers a distinctive experience. Revel in additional seating areas and breathtaking views of the property, enhancing your stay with unparalleled charm and beauty.

The Chalets

Sun rooms and private gardens. Detailed and layered with original Redwood Flooring, evening sunlight, honey-golden stained wood, dark accent materials and earthy tones. Our Chalets at our Guerneville lodging are ideal for family or friends traveling together.


Nestled beneath the timeless redwood canopy, these spacious chalet, perfect for Guerneville Lodging, surpass our Redwood Cabins in size, boasting a cozy sitting area, and a charming private deck. 

Our newly renovated Redwood Chalets feature our signature sleep experience with Luxurious queen Bear Mattresses, Le Labo Bath amenities and Parachute Linens.

  • 1 Queen Size Bear Mattress
  • Not pet Friendly
  • Climate Control (Heat/AC), Screen Free (No TV)
  • Private Deck

Elevated above a picturesque, lush green meadow flanked by the vibrant foliage of Fife Creek, the Meadow Chalets in Sonoma’s Russian River region offer a timeless Guerneville lodging experience. Our newly renovated Meadow Chalets feature our signature sleep experience with luxurious queen Bear® mattresses, Le Labo® bath amenities, and Parachute® linens. From your cozy sitting or sunroom, marvel at the majestic ancient redwoods and witness the captivating interplay of light as the day unfolds.

  • 1 Queen-size bed 
  • Not Pet Friendly
  • Climate Control (Heat/AC), Screen Free (No TV)
  • Private Deck

Our Murphy's Chalets, a part of our Guerneville lodging, provide ADA accessible options for your nature-inspired retreat. Each chalet features a Bear® California King bed with Parachute© linens, newly renovated bathrooms with Frette® towels, and Le Labo® bath amenities, inviting you to extend your stay even longer.

This ADA compliant room provides wheelchair accessibility, compliant bathrooms and bedrooms, along with ramps and extra clearance. The bathroom features accessible showers with benches, handrails, and controls, while all fixtures, including sinks, toilets, and faucets, are ADA accessible for all guest needs. The room includes a California King bed and a private patio. An ADA kit with communication equipment, including an alarm clock, bed shaker, doorbell transmitter, handset phone amplifier, and TDD communication device, is available at the front desk. For more details on ADA accessible amenities, please contact Dawn Ranch Staff.

• 1 King-size bed
• Not pet friendly
• Climate Control (Heat/AC), Screen Free (No TV)
• Private Deck